Inspect the Interal Defects

2014.04.30 09:35

 Facility Name: X-ray Tester
 Use:Inspect the internal defects(shrinkage,porosity).
 Function:This instrument is used to inspect the internal status of the material by radiate the X radial. The radiation of the X radial is supported by the tube voltage. In order to adapt to the X-ray photograph reuirements of different materials, the tube voltage will be adjusted continuously by the kilovolt adjusting unit. By the strong ability of run through things, the X-ray is able to detect the internal structure of the material to inspect if there are any defects like shrinkage, porosity, crack, etc. and take the X-ray photograph.


 Facility Name: Digital ultrasonic tester
 Use:Inspect the internal defects(shrinkage,porosity)
 Function:PXUT-27 ultrasonic tester adopts the advanced technology of digital intergration, making the DAC curve automatically and reserved. Continuous working time is 5 hours, it can detect the internal defects of metal precisely and clearly.