About us

Shanxi Qinghui Mechanical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005. By August 2008 we had reached 60 000T annual production capacities. The total area covers 34000 m2, including 12000 m2 of production facilities. Company’s staff is more than 1300 people, among which 212 highly qualified engineers, technicians, R&D specialists, managers, having large experience in manufacture and marketing of automotive components. We have perfect casting craftsmanship, advanced production equipment and perfect testing system. By now, we installed one advanced production line for Resin-sand casting and two sets of Z148EC casting line. We use 6 sets of electric induction furnaces for casting production. Our machining workshops have 60 sets of computer numerical control machine tools including Gildemeister DMC 1035V processing center and more than 50 sets of CNC machine tools made in Shenyang. Our Inspection and Testing center have Direct-reading spectrometer, Metallurgical Analyzers Microscope, Tension tester, Coordinate Measuring Machine, X-ray Internal Defect Tester and all the other necessary equipment. We are certified under industrial standards (ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002) and licensed for international trade by Chinese government.
 The main products of our company during 2005-2011 were brake drum, wheel hub, wheel spider for truck and trailer, axle base plate, mechanical pipe, valve, housing, backet and so on. Every year we enlarge our assortment and add many new products according to the orders of our clients. We fulfill our client’s orders promptly and accurately. Recently we expanded rapidly both in domestic and international market. Currently our annual production capacity is more than 60 000 tons and keeps increasing. Our products win honour for us in the International Casting&Froging Fair of 2008, 2010. Except the above mentioned products we are able to design and produce any parts of ductile cast iron, gray iron and steel according to the drawings or samples, which makes us a professional OEM supplier.
 Now we reached the annual production capacity of 100,000 ton auto parts and mechanical products, among which 70 000 tons is iron castings and 30 000 tons of steel castings. The total area has reached 66667 m2, among which the foundry covers14094 m2, machining workshop 8010 m2, warehouses 416 m2, R&D center 150 m2. Company added 2 automation production lines. They are Melted Metal Squeezing line and SHONOL Resin Sand Casting line. 3 sets of 10T medium frequency induction furnace, 6 sets of 3T medium frequency induction furnace, 250kg medium frequency induction furnace, 3 sets and 500kg medium frequency induction furnace, 2 sets of 10000 KVA special-purpose transformer, 2 sets of sand blender, 5 sets of A90 Taiwan Rebar machining center, 20 sets of CK516 Shenyang CNC lathe, 4sets of DMC 1035V machining center, tests sand blender, the simulation software, X-ray crack detector, CS fast analyzer and so on.

 Our products range expanded to steel casting products for automotive parts and high speed train motor parts. The catalog includes all parts with projected area up to 20 square decimeters.
 Our company is providing state-of-the art products and service to all of our customers. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality. We believe that high quality is our first responsibility to all of our customers.  We are also responsible to our employees, partners, the communities in which we live and work, and to the world community as well.

Our company participates in the important transformation projects in the sustainable development experiment plot initiated by Chinese government.
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